I downloaded second life and I join it. Firstly, I chose an avatar. In MEB School, it isn’t used a lot. Such as Bahçeşehir, METU University use second life. Second life is like Sims game. Sims game gives character to you. It’s your avatar.  Second life is like a real life. You can have a job. Other characters are computer based characters. If you want, you come together and go travel somewhere. You can buy and sell something. You can add your video as an avatar. You can make PowerPoint presentation. There is a search part. In this part you can add friends, participate various groups if you want. In chat part, you can communicate with person in your next. Also you can select a destination you want. 



In this lesson, I’m not in the class. But, I created my sites by myself. I’m going to add all tasks I’ve done in this site. I realized you feel special when you have a websiteJ.  While you create this site, we use our Gmail account. After creating, we should site or blog options but we selected site option. So, my website was ready and I arranged my website according to the drag symbols at the left part of the page. You can add pictures, link, text, WordPress addresses, but while you add your WordPress addresses, RSS Reader should be used. Use of the website is easy. As the final part, I published my website.




Podcasting is the preparation and distribution of audio files. These files may then be uploaded to digital music or multimedia players like the iPod. A podcast can be easily created from a digital audio file. For ELT, there is a website www.eltpodcast.com. in which it has audio files about English and  its teaching. It is useful in terms of authenticity.

The other is NPR. It means National Public Radio. It is also useful to teach or learn English; however, it has a difficulty because all of the conversations are in second (target) language. In this site, there are several current topics.

The last one is audioboo.fm. We can record our voices and upload the audio files from their computers, and publish them. Also, ıf we want to record our voices freely for more than 3 minutes, we can’t because it is not free for more than 3 minutes.





Today we mentioned digital storytelling which provides effective learning for especially young learners. By the help of the digital storytelling, we can prepare different and funny stories to use them in class. We have some websites to create stories. Also, some sites are like a story store. For example, storynory site has a lot of stories as digital; you can use them for your students in your classroom or out of class. You can download stories as recorded voiced and change the stories on the moviemaker.

The other site is storyjumper. In site, you can create a story by using its scenes, props or you can add text and photos from your computer. If you want to download the story, this is not free. If you want to make changes on the story, you can save it and change later.

The most enjoyful site is dfilm.com. You can create your film on the web. There are several options about film to be created. If you want, you can send the film as e-mail. Also, you can write text on the scene.




Mr. Mitra mentions several aspects of learning in this video.  His main idea is that children can learn most things on their own. I agree with him in this aspect because each child has different kind of learning style and strategy. If we say what they need to do about lessons constantly, the students only are motivated extrinsically; the lessons became monotonous and it doesn’t provide their learning. So, learning process gets boring for children.

He defends that learning happens if the teacher is not there; in other words, the learning stops if the teacher is there. In contrast to him, I believe a learning process without a teacher is not learning. I don’t talk about or defend a traditional education. What I want to say is that the teacher should be a counsellor. Self -organized is important to learn something by oneself. However, learning process is not easy sometimes, so if the students cannot solve their problems despite everything, they can consult with their teachers.

In his opinion, computers need to be included in learning. He talks about his experiment and states ‘Groups of children can learn to use the internet their own. We don’t teach how to use it.’ Of course, the students can learn to use the internet, but in our country we still try to put the use of internet, computer and new technology in order. However, there is a problem about it. When we mention use of the internet by the students to teachers or family member, they consider the students are going to use the internet for their bad intention.

I think balance between computer and education should be well-organized. In contrast to Mr. Mitra’s opinion, use of paper etc. is necessary for some students because all learners cannot learn without using any material such as a piece of paper.

By the way, I would like to add something. Monitoring the students is an important aspect of learning. How do we provide classroom management without a teacher in a class?  How do we monitor learning process of the students, weakness and strength during leaning?

In conclusion, I mostly agree with Mr. Mitra except for learning without a teacher. I believe that all materiality should be done for effective a learning process. The teachers and the students should use computers in education areas, so they can exhibit their differences from the ordinary learning and teaching process.




WizIQ is a website in which people can create an online teaching setting. In search course part, you can write course name about what you want. Some courses are free there.
How can we create a course? You select ‘create course’ button in the left part of the page. If you want to add more information, there are some options. The limit of this site is ten people. If you don’t use premium account, you can add 10 attendees.
In white board part, you can add PowerPoint, pdf files. In the right part, there are the attendees and chat part. If you make a presentation, the attendees can chat about presentation or another thing here. The attendees can see what you publish or write. They can communicate with each other. If you want, you can send private message to presentation owner. We can see ‘microphone’ option. If you permit your attendees, you click ‘pencil symbol’, so the attendees write something on the screen. You can do speaking activity out of class. You can prepare group work without coming together.
Google Hangouts works with Gmail. It’s like a Facebook account. Everybody can communicate with each other by a microphone and a camera. You can do online speaking activity. You can upload files.




I’m Öznur. I was born in 1992. I’m from Ordu. In 1998, I started to receive education in Güzelordu Primary School. After I completed my primary education, I continued to study for secondary school in the same school.
Then, I took an exam named OKS and placed in Başöğretmen Anatolian High school. I chose department of foreign language. I completed my education as fourth of the school. I took YGS and LYS exam and I got into Abant Izzet Baysal University in 2010. Now, I’m a final year student in the department of foreign language. My grade point average is 2.90. I get ready for KPSS. During my education in this university, I participated in some conferences like INGED and took certificates about them. I give lessons in 50.Yıl Primary School, Bolu Anatolian High School and Cumhuriyet Secondary School.
In my leisure time, I like taking a walk by my friends. I haven’t any hobby such as volleyball, tennis. I have a good music repertoire. I enjoy when I do karaoke with my friends.